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5 foods that flatten your belly!

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From www.livingsmart.tvGet a bikini-ready body this summer! Get off the extra flab on your belly and get ready to flaunt your flat stomach!

Majority of us seem to have at least a bump on our tummy these days. This is quite embarrassing especially when you want to wear body hugging clothes or bikinis (looks quite odd). The most important aspect to get a flat stomach is not to skip food or have too  much of it, just have it till your stomach feels half full. Having to skip your meals will make your tummy even bumpier as gas gets filled on the other hand having too much will expand the size of your stomach. So just have the right amount.

Here is a list of five foods that help you:

1. Blueberries – Make them a part of your diet, they have a powerful anti-inflammatory. They also have this special quality of shrinking your belly fat. This was shown in the research conducted by university of Michigan where they observed a significant amount of fat reduction in the abdominal area of rats after feeding them with blueberries for a period of three months.

2. Grapefruit – Another recent study showed that obese adults who have half a grapefruit a day of had four ounces of 100% every day in empty stomach before three meals a day lost both body weight and abdominal weight this is because grapefruit contains diuretic properties that will help you shed the extra unwanted water that blots your belly.

3. Eggs – Eggs contain vitamin B12 that is one of the key vitamins that our body needs to metabolize fat. In fact research has found that people who ate eggs for breakfast everyday tended to loses more weight than those who ate bagels.

4. Nuts – Nuts like walnuts and almonds are rich in fibre and vitamin-3 are delicious and postpone your hunger which helps to flatten your stomach. They also contain omega-3, which makes your heart a healthy one!

5. Green tea with lemon – sip green tea with few drops of lemon in it. Green tea contain in them elements called as catechins that help in release of fat cells in the abdomen which means they burn the fat around your waist which makes your belly flatter.

So there it is, five handy food stuff that you can incorporate into your daily diet which could reduce your belly eventually, making it ready for bikini this summer!

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