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Stock Video for less has arrived. This is Anistock, the $1 HIGH DEFINITION stock video library for royalty-free stock footage, motion graphics, and video backgrounds which brings the affordability of using video to a wider business audience. Online since 2007 Anistock serves a global customer base of videographers, marketing agencies along with digital creators who come to Anistock to source, work and be inspired for royalty free stock video content. 

The Anistock footage library offers a unique twist on the standard stock footage model in that one low price per footage or motion graphics video allows the user to download that video in multiple formats.

At Anistock, we are the only stock footage library where you pay once and receive your stock video in multiple formats. Customers love Anistock for high quality creative video media at microstock pricing. All stock footage video, video backgrounds and motion graphic video on Anistock is royalty-free, so you only pay once to use the file multiple times. Anistock stock video and stock footage can be used for web videos, cool video ads and are also seen on television commercials. 

Get Free stock video downloads for articles:

At Anistock, we like the term "community", so If you are a blogger or writer, who enjoys stock footage, video backgrounds and other forms of video media then we would be happy to publish your articles on our blog and in return give you free video downloads.
Needless to say the content must be engaging and relevant to our community of video creators. In addition, Anistock will tag you as the copy-write holder including your name and your website details.  So if you need stock video or want to get into video creation, talk to Anistock today.

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