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The Aliens Among Us.

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Ever wondered if your neighbor was an alien? No, not illegal, just off world.
Ever thought your government was keeping secrets from you?
Ever thought you were not alone in the universe?
Ever heard of Panspermia?

If you have ever thought you needed to consider what and where your role in life was then maybe you could consider this. If you have ever thought that maybe, just maybe, aliens were visiting our world then you should reconsider. Why? Because maybe aliens are already here, on Earth, living amongst us. How do I know? I don't, but what I do believe is that if there are aliens on Earth. If aliens have visited earth, then the aliens amongst us are you and me.

Consider this. A small island in the Caribbean, called St Lucia. A young (ish) man who has just got married on that paradise Island. The young(ish) man talks to a hotel worker who is digging a hole in the sand on the beach and dropping a coconut in it.
"Why are you doing that?" 
The hotel worker looks at the young(ish) man. "Because I'm growing a coconut palm."
"Where did you get the coconut?"
"From the sea. They wash up here all the time from other islands."

Panspermia, the belief that the Earth was seeded by comets, asteroids and anything else we have or have not heard of, from other planets hit by asteroids etc., where their 'land' is splashed across the universe after being smashed by an errant body speeding across the blackness of space.

Did you know that the common sparrow was a delicacy in Rome? Found across the Mediterranean and Europe now... don't even go to Black Rats. Life spreads out, no matter how much you don't want it to.

The alien among is has been here from the beginning. But watch out when Daddy comes home.

For more reading on this subject, please look at my gliph Message In A Bottle.

Tom Kane Copyright (c) 2013
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