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The Scariest Urban Legends

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I've always been fascinated by human minds. The right words, stories, atmosphere can trigger such emotions in you, that you won't be able to sleep for a while. Scary urban legends have been around for ages, just because they are always fun. Some of them were invented based on some real events, others have been created just for this purpose. If you have really vivid imagination, if you are scared easily, don't read the next part, because you will have trouble sleeping.

From Which is the scariest urban legend? Well, I will tell you a few that I found quite charming and you will be the judge.

The Fatal Date

It was a clear evening. Not a single cloud in the sky. A young couple decided to enjoy this lovely evening, so they drove up to the cliff above the city. The view was wonderful. They could see all the stars and under the night sky - the glittering lights of the near town. They enjoyed their company together, but we are all human and we all have our needs, so the boy went out of the car to pee. One minute became five, then ten passed. The young girl got really worried so she went looking for him. There in the shadow of the near tree was a man, but it wasn't her boyfriend. Rapidly she went back to the car and locked herself in. A slow squeaking came from the roof of the car. She had no choice, but to leave. She started the car and hit the gas. In her surprise, the car was not moving - the rear bumper was tied to the tree. She get's out of the car so she can run away. After she makes a few steps, she realizes what was making that squeaking noise. Her boyfriend was hanging from the tree and his shoes were scrapping the roof. The strange man was there, it was already too late.

Humans Can Lick, Too 

There was this happy family of three - mom, dad and the little girl. Had a simple life, living together. But lately mom and dad have been working 'till late. The little girl felt alone, so they bought her a puppy. With time they got really close and that puppy became a bigger and bigger. He was her best friend, her guardian and was always there for her. Sadly, mom and dad continued working the night shifts. They were away too often. The worst nights were when there was a thunderstorm. The girl locked all the doors and windows after her parents. She went in her room and under the bed covers. The doggy was there, too. Right under the bed as always. She fell asleep.

Around midnight she was awaken by the constant dripping sound. She went to the kitchen and closed the tap tightly. When going back to bed, she stuck her hand under the bed. The dog licked her for comfort and she went back to sleep. But the dripping sound continued. The girl went to the bathroom and closed the tap there properly. Went back to bed and stuck her little hand under the bed. The doggy licked her for comfort. 

The dripping didn't stop. She was getting paranoid now. She stuck her hand under the bed again and the dog licked her. She decided to see where the sound could come, one final time. She listened carefully. Strangely it was coming from the wardrobe. She opened the door and saw her dog hanging there with throat cut and its blood dripping on the floor. A voice behind her said "You know, humans can lick, too".

The Clown Doll

From images4.fanpop.comA young family was moving out from their rental home. One final night there. The only thing left was for the end of tenancy cleaners London to clean up the place. They decided to celebrate with friends. But because they had a little boy, they called a babysitter to watch him for the night, while they are celebrating. The evening came, the sitter was here, so they went out. The only living souls in the house were the babysitter and the boy. A peaceful evening. But there were something creeping her. There was a realistic doll of a clown in the corner, staring at her. She knew it was just a doll, but it was really spooky and so lifelike. The sitter didn't want to bother the parents, but she wanted a permission to touch move their belongings. So she called them on the number they gave.
"Hello, I am Sally the sitter. I know it sounds silly, but your clown doll in the corner is really creeping me out. Can I move it?"
"What clown doll?"
answered the father.
"The one in the corner of the living room. It's quite large and realistic."
There was a moment of silence. The girl got worried. Then the father continued in a hurry:
"Get my son, go next door and call 911! Do it now!"
"But what's going on? Why?"
"Just do it!"
yelled the father. 

She did as she was told. The police was on its way. The girl called back to the father:
"So what's going on? Why did we ran away?"
"We don't have a clown doll!" 
The boy has been complaining to his parents about a clown doll. Always appearing during the night. His parents didn't believe him. When the police came they got the suspect. He was a criminal, wanted for armed robberies and even murder.

I guess it was definitely the end of their tenancy there.

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