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The Signs of Love

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Are you familiar with the signs of attraction? When men and women are falling in love they begin a ritual of nonverbal communication that speaks better than any words. Both express their attraction via subtle facial expressions and physical gestures that are often unconscious and different for the two sexes. These gestures and actions reveal our true feelings. Have you ever caught yourself doing any of these or maybe someone in your circles has a crush on you?

When a woman loves a man ...

She never takes her eyes off him. She leans towards him when he speaks showing her interest in what he is saying.

Her hands are relaxed and her palms might be open and pointing outwards. If her hands are clenched in a fist she doesn’t want to let him close to her.

When she leans her head to the left or right, when she touches her face or neck more than once, when she plays with her hair she is unconsciously trying to attract his attention to those attractive parts of her physique. She might even remove her hair from her shoulders baring her neck.

She laughs at all of his jokes even if he is not funny to show she admires him.
The most obvious sign, though is when she makes flirty moves with her body, when she walks in a way that is sexy and graceful and when she swings her hips.

When a man loves a woman...

He looks into her eyes and attempts to keep the eye contact for as long as possible. When he sees her he raises his eyebrows involuntarily and his pupils widen. He is always smiling, if his lips don’t show it his eyes do. He might even blush a little.

His body is leaning or pointing towards her. He faces her with his whole body - with his shoulders, knees and even his feet. He listens intently to every word she utters.

He sticks his chest out, puts his hands in his pockets or on his waist attempting to look masculine and strong. Some men fix their clothes, hair or tie when they meet the object of their affections. Unconsciously or consciously they want to look good.

When he talks to her he might touch his face, rub his cheek, his lips or his chin.
He tries to attract and hold her attention. Every man has his way of doing this – either his eyes linger on hers, or he turns into a clown, or he litters her with attention, etc, etc.

He looks for ways to touch her unnoticeably. He might sit or stand closer to her, touch her hand, or her back if walking behind her in a crowded place.Sometimes a man will remove all objects standing between him and her so that nothing can keep them apart.

The behaviour common to both sexes is mimicking or mirroring. A woman or a man in love mimic the gestures and posture of the other to the point of becoming his or her reflection. Most people do not even realise they are doing this when they are in love. Then again the wise have said that love is blind, not only to the imperfections of the other but to our own changed behaviour.

Photo credit:  © Stucorlett at stockfreeimages

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