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#Meetaglipher... Myrna Minx (@spnstrhddiaries)

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We were dead chuffed here in Glipho HQ when the lovely Spinsterhood Diaries agreed to do a Meet a Glipher interview with us, as we are tremendous fans of all her gorgeous illustrations. And she even illustrated her interview for us!

Spinster by night, fashion designer by day, this lady is always sure to fascinate!


1. What inspired the Spinsterhood Diaries?

My mom always used to tell me the Dixie Carter quote, "It takes a mighty good man to be better than no man at all." I don't really think I got what that meant until I was living on my own, eating in my bed, and watching entire series runs on Netflix. As much as I'd like to get married one day, there's no way of knowing whether or not that's going to happen for me. And if it does, my days of having the run of my living space and bed will be over. So, I started the blog to sort of celebrate the fun things about being a single girl with her own money and her own apartment, enjoying the things I'd have to give up if there were a man around. And once I started thinking bout it, there really are a lot of enjoyable parts of being single, even if one of them is eating a can of corn for dinner. 

2. What are 5 things every spinster should have?

1. A good bathrobe.
2. A Breakfast-in-bed tray
3. A favorite spot for dining out alone.
4. An obsession (ie: Kittens, tea, bathrobe, breakfast in bed, fine jewelry...)
5. A Netflix or Hulu Plus account...or both.

3. Are there any tips for being a super-successful spinster?

Do whatever you want whenever you want because you never know when you'll lose that freedom. Mostly, I want to eat in my bed.

3. By day you're a fashion designer, right? How did you get into this and do you have any suggestions for anyone else hoping to do the same?

My road to becoming a fashion designer is perhaps not what you'd think. I got my bachelor's degree at the University of South Carolina in History(focus in Medieval History), and in my last semester, I applied to fashion schools after I had a dream that I went to School of the Art Institute of Chicago's fashion school. I had always wanted to be a fashion designer, but I just wasn't sure it was something that could be done by a girl from a small town in South Carolina.
I ended up going to FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology) here in New York, and after that I had a paid internship and then real jobs. The real jobs started in apparel, but I gradually moved to accessories, and I really prefer them. I like the 3-dimensionality.

My advice to fashion design hopefuls could fill a book, but here are a few of the most important ones:

1. Have internships while you're in school, the more recognizable the name the better.

2. Get really good at Adobe Creative Suite, especially Illustrator. You will need it.

3. Go to a big name fashion school (CSM, Nottingham, FIT, Parsons). There are those who would disagree with me on this, but by and large, most of the girls I've worked with have come from one of these schools. That's not to say there aren't those who are from others, but the vast majority come from the above listed schools.

4. Once you get a job, get a therapist. You're going to need it.

4. Which fashionistas inspire you?

You know, it's weird. Before I was a fashion designer, I was much more into fashion than I am now that I actually am one. I think when something really envelopes your life, sometimes it can become overwhelming to think about it on any other level than the one with which you deal on a daily basis. I'm an accessories designer, so I spend a lot of time drooling over how fun Kate Spade is, and I tend to own a lot of Coach items becuause they last a long time.

I know Tavi Gevinson isn't really all that into fashion anymore, but I wish I was Tavi. I don't necessarily always agree with her style choices or content, but I like her spirit and how she's managed to become so successful at such a young age. I fully intend to follow her career wherever it goes.

And lastly, as far as just stylish people go, I always think Olivia Palermo looks stunning, and I love to see what Emma Stone wears on the red carpet. And obviously Beyonce, but did I even have to say that? If there was a movie of my life, though, hands down I would want Elle Fanning to play me. Maybe by the time that happens, she'll be old enough to play me when I was in my early twenties.

5. What's your favourite Glipho feature?

I love the Trending Gliphers and Trending Gliphs sections. I also love how you can follow a certain search term so that if, say, I absolutely need to read every Gliph that's ever been written about kittens, I can make sure that happens.

6. We absolutely love your illustrations on your gliphs. Do you have a particular favourite among your gliph/illustration combinations? 

Thank you! I did laugh a bit when I finished the "Spring Break" illustration, and I feel like the illustration for "Spinster Party Questions: Music," aptly captures how most girls and I feel about Beyonce.

7. Do you have any beloved spinsters in media or literature? Fictional, non-fictional...

Well, before Liz Lemon's character on 30 Rock got a boyfriend and then got married, she was my favorite. The episode when she says she's wearing a Duane Read bag as underwear makes me all but collapse into a tearful fit of laughter every time. I also really appreciate how she gives voice to what women are actually doing at home and talking about with our friends. I mean, some of it is exaggerated, but some of it is true. I have certainly eaten some night cheese in my day. And, like Liz Lemon, I actually hope to one day find a man who will be ok with all of this and doesn't creep me out. I know. I hope that didn't ruin your dreams that I would be a spinster forever, but the way things are going, I'm fairly skeptical that you have to worry at all.

8. Any favourites among your fellow gliphers?

Diamonds in the Library and Chloe Grech are two of my very favorites. I think I'd be friends with these ladies in real life. Diamonds in the Library helps me get my fine jewelry fix while I drool on my keyboard, and Chloe Grech finds the coolest, weirdest things to talk about. I got hooked when she wrote about the chocolate camera.


You can follow Myrna here or on Twitter.

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