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Before and After Jaw Surgery

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Images before and after double jaw surgery 

Presented here is a list of questions you may want to ask your surgeon before undertaking orthognathic surgery.

  1. What exactly are you going to do in the surgery?
  2. Are there any alternatives to the surgery you have proposed?
  3. Have you done this type of surgery before?
  4. How many people have you treated who are similar to my case?
  5. Will I have to have more than one operation?
  6. What are the benefits of undertaking this surgery?
  7. What are the risks of having this surgery?
  8. Will this surgery affect my jaw joints and nerves?
  9. What is the risk of infection?
  10. What would happen if I decide not to have the surgery?
  11. What happens if the surgery is not successful?
  12. Realistically, what should I hope for after the surgery, in terms of the way I look and how it affects my jaw function?
  13. Will you be using rubber bands to hold my jaw after surgery or will you be wiring my jaw closed? (Please make your surgeon aware if you have a latex allergy).
  14. Will the plates and screws be permanently left in?
  15. If applicable, what will happen if I am allergic to the titanium plates?
  16. Will you have to remove my wisdom teeth before or during surgery?
  17. Are there any long term issues following surgery? (For example; sinus infections, sensitive and weak teeth, pain caused by the plates or problems with excessive bone growth).
  18. How long does the operation take?
  19. Will I have to stay in hospital? If so, how long will I be in hospital for?
  20. Will I go into intensive care after the operation or a normal ward?
  21. Will I have my own room after surgery?
  22. Will you be using a bite plate during surgery? And if so will you be leaving the bite plate in place after the surgery?
  23. What are my options in terms of pain relief after the surgery?
  24. What happens if I vomit and I am unable to open my mouth?
  25. Will I be able to talk normally?
  26. Will I be able eat and what will I be able to eat?
  27. Will there be any external scarring?
  28. As some people tend to suffer numbness after this type of procedure… How long before I have complete feeling back?
  29. How long will it take for the broken jaw to repair fully and be stable?
  30. How long will it take to fully recover?
  31. How will I keep my mouth clean if I am unable to brush my teeth?
  32. On estimate, how much weight should I expect to lose when I am on a soft food diet?
  33. How long after surgery will I have to wear my braces?
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