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Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster BujoldFrom
I'm a HUGE fan of sci-fi ! I always feel bad because I was unable to join the navy earlier. I had no interest in it. Also, I suffer greatly because we don't live in the age of space exploration. All great men and women have been on a journey to somewhere, learning about life. It's a general philosophy, blah blah, I don't want to bother you with it here. What I do want to do, is share something which many people around me didn't know, but true fans of military science fiction will appreciate greatly. The Vorkosigan Saga - a series of books by Lois McMaster Bujold. Let me tell you a story, some time from now, in our galaxy...

The series begin with two books "Dreamweaver's Dilemma" and "Falling Free". The events are taking place some time after space colonization has began. The books feature several characters which do not take part in later books, but these two help describe the universe in which the rest of the saga will be developing. For a full list of books visit here.

Afterwards comes my favourite book of the series: "Shards of Honor". It features the mother and father of the main character, how they fall in love, how their relationship has develops. You will not see them going on dates here. The man is an officer of Barrayar empire, Aral Vorkosigan. The woman is captain of a research ship, Kordelia Naismith. They both end up on the same unexplored planet for different reasons, but have to face challenges together. Later the story goes into a local space conflict, which both are playing vital roles in. I dare not spoil it for you further, but I guarantee you the action is top notch, the intelligent thinking is there and the world itself - more real than any other sci-fi novel I've ever read!

In the next book "Barrayar" their story continues, leading up to the birth of their child, the main protagonist of the saga - Miles Vorkosigan.


The fifth book "Warriors Apprentice" jumps forward a couple of years, showing grown up Miles, and how he applies for the military academy. Only that he fails, because of his illness - his bones are very weak. Why? Read the books! He decides to go on a vacation to his grandmother, to another planet. And here the real story begins. To put it short, he finds himself in a position, where he has to assume a different personality, in order to survive, leading up to a series of events, which ultimately make him the greatest military genius that has ever lived! It will be developing throughout all of the books, my favourite ones being "Borders of Infinity" and "Memory". I will not spoil any of the details any more. You have to read it!

Miles(short one) and his cousin IvanFrom

The books in general are written in a simple language, with enough description of the events and happenings only to give you hints towards what it should look like, but leaving your imagination to do the rest. This however doesn't include the tactical, strategic and political decisions which our heroes must make. Their dilemmas are described vividly, with not only thoughts and logical strings, but also the emotions which they feel.

Several books can be found on the internet, but I prefer to buy them. This is a collection every sci-fi fan MUST have at home! God, I wish my children one day to be able to read them too! I remember my grandfather(RIP) has collected all Tarzan books, so that I may read them one day. I took great care of them. Ask professionals how to keep your books to survive for years to come. I have a friend in Hackney, who works in a cleaning and housekeeping company - he advised me to wrap them up in some paper and store in a dry area. Also, when they-re on a shelf, cover them from the top as well. This will stop dust from accumulation on the pages, preventing early weathering.

I really really want people to read these books!

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