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Jimmy page one and only solo single

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Every classic rock music fan knows Jimmy Page, one of the greatest guitarists to ever live and the founder of the classic rock band, Led Zeppelin. He has dominated the rock music scene with his exceptional guitar skills and innovation that paved the way for the future generations of guitar gods. Prior to forming Led Zeppelin and even before he had joined the Yardbirds as a bassist – he later became their second guitarist alongside Jeff Beck – he was session guitarists playing rhythm for various artists. However, unknown to most casual fans, he had also released his only solo single in his early years.

In 1965, Jimmy page, recorded his first solo single for Fontana Records. The A side of his single featured “She just satisfies” while the B-side played “Keep moving”. Being a talented multi-instrumentalists he played every instruments in his single apart from the drums which was played by Bobby Graham, session drummer who have played for the likes of the Who and David Bowie.

What is most interesting about his single is that he also sings the vocals in “She just satisfies” which as every Jimmy Page’s fan knows is a rare occurrence. While you can hear him provide back vocals in some of the Led Zeppelin tracks this is probably the only track where he happens to be the main vocalists.

Jimmy Page himself does not like to talk about that track. Speaking to America’s rock ‘n’ roll publication, Creem in 1974, he said: “There’s nothing to be said for that record except it was very tongue-in-cheek at the time. I played all the instruments on it except for the drums and sang on it too, which is quite, uh…unique. ‘She Just Satisfies,’ that’s what it was called. It’s better forgotten.”

His second track, “keep moving” also sees him play multi instruments including the harmonica however, this time it features his then girlfriend Jackie DeShannon who was responsible for persuading Page to release his own single. Jackie and Jimmy had formed a song writing partnership which helped the former release her hit singles such as “Dream boy” and “Don’t turn your back on me”.







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