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Aleister Crowley's Last Wish

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Occult and esoteric knowledge has seen an explosion with the advent of technology and "modern" attitudes. Topics that would have you hanged or burned at stake in the past are now trendy and have become available en-masse. TV and music stars only precipitate this further. Take a look at Jay-Z's latest "swag".

Jay Z Do What Thou WiltFrom

Conspiracy theorists had a field day with this one but there's really nothing world-shattering to be revealed. The message is pretty clear: occultism and esoterica has become a hobby, a trend for the middle class (and not only). The imagery, the myriad of symbols, the ideas and concepts that the occult offers are really just accessories, just like jewels or the latest iphone that lets someone create their "sophisticated" self-image. You can become anything and anyone, just by wearing this symbol or doing that ritual. Except we have no idea as to the underlying principles or why the hell we are doing this.

Now if we would go back in time, to when uncle Aleister lived and see the attitude and thought of the Victorian era, magick was something of a taboo subject but it was slowly emerging from "get burned at stake" to "get curious looks at parties". Certainly uncle Al did his best to shock and illuminate for decades later sex magick would pay off: the sexual revolution of the '60s, the emancipation of women, LGBT and other hippie subjects that found liberation from repression.

Concepts of centuries old are being dumbed down and presented in a more digestible form. Look at "The Secret" and the range of books, movies and media mentions it has caused. "If you will it, it will come true". Certainly, but willing it only is not enough. I may be biased but the whole feeling from "The Secret" literature is to let "positivity" wash your bones and good things will happen to you. While there is merit to positive thought and following through on your dreams, no body seems to speak about the painful process of transformation. Real transformation that puts you out of your comfort zone and leaves you naked and exposed and the only thing that keeps you going is the goal.

What is that goal? That's for you to decide, and it certainly isn't "love everybody, be good, do good". That's just a bastardized slogan of some form of Christianity that keeps one hooked on the positive and at the sight of a speck of black cloud sends them running in prayer to the one and only saviour. We can't love everyone. We should love ourselves, first of all, then those who add value to our lives. To love everyone unconditionally is the biggest piece of crap that could have come out of "factory occultism", that is organized religion.

If you're really looking to change something about yourself, it's not going to be pretty and it's not going to be easy. That's because real change is slow and beyond just the mind. At Occult Connection I provide occult books pdf on different esoteric topics that in one way or another can help you begin that change and oversee it.

So what about the title of this post? Aleister Crowley, in his 20's, when he was developing his magickal talents, had published, without knowing, a secret of the magickal O.T.O order. The head of the order at that time, Theodor Reuss, had no other choice but to draft Aleister and award Crowley with a high rank in the order. Reuss demanded that the book be removed from shelves, yet, even if a mere mortal were to read the "secret" document he would have been enable to find out the secret. That is because the information was so highly encoded in lyrical verses that only an initiate in the mysteries would have known what to look for.

The point of all this is that there is a trove of occult literature today and it's harming no one. It is readily available and available online even. In fact there is so much of it that one wouldn't know what to look for or where to start. The repression and tight-control of information has been dealt with. Uncle Al would have liked this.

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