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Classic Sci-fi Movie: It Came From Outer Space

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From bp0.blogger.comIt came... (ICFOS) is one of those lesser known 50s sci fi films which really deserves to be better known. On a surface level, ICFOS has good pacing. Director Jack Arnold (who would direct several other big 50s sci fi films) does a good job of keeping up the intrigue and tension. Even when the movie is over, the overall effect is more thoughtful than most B-films. It helps that the screenplay is an adaptation of Ray Bradbury's "The Meteor." All this helps ICFOS rise above the average 50s B movie.

ICFOS was filmed for the 3D, which was all the rage in the early 50s, but works perfectly well in 2D. The overall story is step up too, rising above the typical Cold War cautionary tale. Instead, it's an introspective about mankind, both our strengths and weaknesses when facing the unknown. This is rather cerebral stuff for a B-film.

Quick Plot Synopsis
A meteor crashes in the desert night outside of Sand Rock, Arizona. Astronomer John Putnam (played by Richard Carlson) investigates. In the impact crater, he finds sees the hull of a ship with its hatch open. No one believes him, because a landslide covered the hull. Putnam discovers that various town folk have been "taken over" by the aliens. A couple of the possessed folk tell Putnam that they mean no harm. The sheriff eventually believes him when spouses also report odd behaviors. The aliens capture Putnam's fiancee, Ellen, which provokes the sheriff into raising a posse to confront the aliens... (Click here for more.)

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