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To Dye For.

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This season’s hot new styles include neon, studded apparel, denim shorts and printed t-shirts. But instead of forking out money for a whole new wardrobe that will only last a few months, dig out your old clothes and customise them!

Tie Dye

Tie dye is so in this season, and so simple to do. Firstly take an old t-shirt ( it may be better to try thisFrom out on a less-loved garment first in order to experiment with different effects).  Then get yourself a tie dye kit like this one from Amazon. They usually come with all you need, there are 3 bottles included in this pack however extra rubber gloves and elastic bands may be needed. Using the elastic bands to tie up parts of the t-shirt only allows the dye to penetrate some areas, hence giving you the varied colour effect. Like many DIY processes, the hard bit is not the making, it is the waiting, so be patient! Tie dye tops look amazing teamed with denim, and even on denim, so don’t be seen without it this season.

(above right: methods for tying your clothes before dying)

Customise your clothing
Beads and studs are being seen everywhere this season, and I think they look fabulous with a sheer shirt or some denim. Studs are really hot right now, and you can buy yourself a pack of 100 on eBay very easily. The studs have 2 spikes attached to them, these are used to pierce the material. Then use a blunt knife to flatten the spikes inward to secure them. It is so simple and quick, and they look great on the pockets of denim shorts, or on the shoulders of shirts. Small beads can be bought from any arts and craft stores and can be easily threaded onto shirt collars or cuffs to give a sheer shirt an edge.


Ombre your clothes.

Two-tone has been hot for quite a while now, with dip-dyed hair a popular trend. Now immerging is the method of dip dying clothes. The best look I have seen are bleached denim shirts like this one from Topshop. To create a look similar to this at home: Get an old denim shirt, or buy one at a charity shop, get an old bucket and fill it with about 2 parts water, 3 parts bleach.

Tip: tie your hair up, wear some old clothes, and wear rubber gloves!

Decide how far up you want your dip dye to go, then begin dipping your shirt to the desired level and leave semi-submerged in the bleach for about an hour. Remember that bleach is very very dangerous so keep away from children or animals, and be careful about your surroundings, it is advised that you carry this process out outdoors if possible. If you are not happy with the result, simply continue to dip in bleach until you reach the desired effect.

Wash the garment thoroughly with warm water then in the washing machine and leave to dry. The dip dye will leave a denim shirt from light blue to almost white depending on how long you leave it in the bleach, and it is easy to simply dye the ends with some clothes dye like this pink one from Amazon.

Whatever you decide to do with your clothes, remember: instead of spending excessive amounts on designer brands, you could create a unique and personalised look for a fraction of the price!

Image courtesy of rfduck (flickr)

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