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iOS 7: Review (Revision)

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Ok, its been a month since I posted anything, but I have been making final preparations for my move to university and seeing my friends before I go.

Just before summer, Apple announce iOS 7, described as the biggest change to iOS, since the introduction of the iPhone.

Hackers and users alike, teamed up to download the first beta version, despite not having a developer account registered with Apple.

It was buggy, as was expected, slow and I could have used my phone as a radiator for my bedroom.

6 Beta versions and a final Gold Master later, Apple were ready to release it to the public, last night at 6pm UK Time, it was released. Of course, the Apple servers were slammed, resulting in users experiencing errors using Apple's OTA (over the air) update service. In iTunes 11.1, the version to carry the update, users also experienced many errors, including the 9006 error.

While most people like to wait, when it comes to Apple I'm extremely impatient, after downloading the .ipsw files online, I installed it to my iPhone and iPad via the file.

Lets start with the iPad version:

I have an iPad 2 16GB WiFi, bought back in 2011. Many users and bloggers were predicting that devices running with the A5 chip, like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4, would be much slower in performance. Apple have upped the number of fancy animations in iOS 7, so this was understandable, but in true powerhouse style, my iPad 2 still runs like it did from day 1, no wonder Apple still sell them!

One thing that I love is the new Sounds and Wallpapers, which look great with the movement feature and create a richer, more intuitive and beautiful experience for the users. 

Although some Sounds, sound like lift music such as 'by the seaside', the simplistic ringtones fit the simplistic design. So if you're running iOS 7, take a look at the new ring and alert tones.

The downside to iOS 7 on the iPad 2? Most of the new features, like AirDrop, are not on the iPad 2, and are reserved for the newest devices, however the makeover is a nice change, and will get used to it. The other downside is that developers of third-party applications have struggled keeping up with Apple's time frame for iOS 7, and most apps still look like they run on iOS 7, and dont have the simplistic design or nice new keyboard, with the translucent layers. Popular apps, such as Twitter, are on the ball, and have come up with new designs that are beautiful.

Although it is not that different, it looks much better on iOS 7.

What about the iPhone version? The only features not to make the iPhone 4S is AirDrop and Slow Motion video. Even though the 'Burst Mode' in the camera is not 10 photos/ps like the new iPhone 5S, it still has a slower burst mode and live photo filters.

Apart from this, not much has changed since my original Beta review, apart from the bug fixes, generally iOS 7 is speedy on my iPhone 4S, the only problem I seem to be having is battery life.

Overall, I'm pleased with the result, despite it being an adjustment, it seems like it's going to be fun to use, and is quite literally having a new phone. I would definitely recommend upgrading, but only if you are on some level technologically savvy, if you feel like the change is a bit much, then maybe go to the apple store for a demo, or look up guides online and be more informed before upgrading.


For a full breakdown of features go here

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