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Analogue #1 The Olympus Trip 35

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So, as promised, I’m going to write a little something about my camera’s every week. I know I promised I would do that earlier, I didn’t have the time. That’s why I will post one camera today, and then one tomorrow. After that, there will be one analogue-post every week. So enjoy!
My first camera was the Olympus trip 35. It looks like this:
I bought it last summer at the thrift shop. Just wanted to try out an old camera and this one looked awesome! So I bought a 35 mm film for it and started shooting, hoping it would work. After getting the pictures back from development I was instantly addicted to analogue photography. Here is one of my first analogue pictures. (from the first 35mm film I bought)
I was kinda curious about how old the camera would be, so I started Google-ing. I found out that the olympus trip was manufactured between 1967 and 1984. I also found out that the serial number gives you an indication on how old your camera is. You have to open your Olympus and take out the little pressure plate on the back.
If you take the plate out, it will show a serial number like this:
You can read how you can get the age of your camera by following this:
1st Japanese character or letter (in later models) signifying the assembly plant.
2nd number representing the last digit of the year of assembly
(e.g. 5 = 1975, 0 = 1980).
3rd number or letter representing the month of assembly,
1-9 for Jan-Sep, X, Y, Z for Oct-Dec.
for example; N1Y = November 1971
So the picture above shows the camera is from March 1973.
While searching for more information I found out you can customize your Oly by buying skins!
Look at how awesome that is!
you can pick any color you want!
My Olympus trip still has the original skin, I like it that way, but if you have an Olympus trip, just Google on ‘‘Olympus trip 35 skin” and you find a lot of sites selling them!
If you don’t have an Olympus trip, but thinking about buying one, thrift shops and flea markets are the best places to look for them. There are literally millions of Olympus trips made in almost every country. The chance that you find one is pretty big if you look at the right places. If you don’t find one, you can always try eBay. If you want to buy film for you camera I recommend “Lomography”. They sell almost every film you want!
If you have an Olympus trip, or have a question about this camera, feel free to comment! I will answer every comment!
If you are interested in what the photo’s  I make look like, click HERE.
Have a nice day!

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