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Tweet for a Great Cause, Support a Teen Brain Trauma Victim

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Here is an article about a twitter event some people have organized to help my son Ben. This event is free, and anyone can help. Thank you to everyone who has helped us out so far. One of my other gliphs about him was the most-viewed gliph last week. He is making some slow improvements.

Hundreds of people will tweet on Star Wars Day, May 4th, 2013 in an effort to help Ben Wolverton, a 16-year-old brain trauma victim. Ben is the son of Star Wars author Dave Wolverton (also known as David Farland,) who penned The Courtship of Princess Leia.

The tweets will raise awareness and funds for the Wolverton family, who, because of pre-existing illnesses, have no insurance. Ben’s medical expenses are expected to rise above $1,000,000. In addition to brain trauma, he suffers from a cracked skull, broken pelvis and tail bone, burnt knees, bruised lungs, broken ear drums, road rash, and pneumonia.

To participate in the event, simply tweet, and ask others to tweet, this message on May 4th: Help Star Wars author's son on Star Wars Day! Visit to learn more. #davidfarland #starwarsday #helpwolverton

Those that wish to donate to the family can do so here:

Star Wars fans may also be interested in downloading and purchasing David Farland’s science fiction Golden Queen trilogy. Proceeds will go toward Ben’s medical expenses.

Internationally best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson called The Golden Queen "A rainbow mixture of technology and mythology, filled with vibrant colors, larger-than-life heroes, and thunderous action.  A grand quest across a kaleidoscope of parallel worlds."

Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Award-winning author Orson Scott Card said, "David Farland's Golden Queen . . . the equivalent of Lord of the Rings in space. . . . Even though it's a rollicking good yarn, you experience it with all the power of real life. Farland is simply one of the best sci-fi and fantasy writers alive."

The Golden Queen follows Gallen O’Day, who is hired as a bodyguard to escort a young woman through the woods to the forbidden ruins at Geata Na Chruinn. It seems like an ordinary job—but all too soon, he finds himself fleeing for his life from creatures that seem like escapees from a nightmare—the alien dronon, led by their golden queen. With his best friend, a genetically engineered talking bear named Orick, and his girlfriend Maggie, Gallen soon finds himself tangled in an interstellar war that he never knew existed, racing across a host of worlds, confronted by a future unlike any that he had ever imagined.

The first book in the trilogy is currently available for free on Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo. Read more reviews of it on Amazon.

Purchase the second and third books on Barnes and Noble or Amazon. (Note that book 2 is unavailable on Barnes and Noble at the moment, but should be up by May 4th.)

Learn more about Ben and other ways you can help him at

Don't forget to tweet on May 4th and to invite others!

RSVP to the Facebook event.

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