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Sex, Children and The Society

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Sex, Children and The Society

A child is generally a person under the age of 18. Legally, someone under the age of 18 is classified as a child and requires adult protection. Children are not expected to make any serious decisions because they are regarded as immature and unable to make important life decisions.

Sex is an important issue in life. The decision to have sex and with whom to have is one of  the most important decisions in life which require maturity. This decision also carry huge life- changing consequences which buttress the fact that it a major decision in life.

Sex as a result of its serious nature is not for kids and children. Sex is a serious and major issue that requires maturity. Children are not matured enough to make the decision about having sex. A person classified as a child should consider putting the decision about sex till later date  when maturity has been attained.



Any person or culture that encourages sexualisation of children is bad example. Any institution that encourages children to have sex is a wrong influence as this can never be defended on any grounds.  Any attitude or behavior that encourages premature sexualisation of children can never be sustained.

Recently I read about a female celebrity whose mother encouraged her to start having sex at 14 by agreeing to put her on birth control at this tender age. Although I was not really surprised about this attitude, I was shocked that both celebrity and her mother can go public with this their premature sexualisation attitude.

Although it is the girl that first brought the topic in this case, the mother being wiser should be in the best position to advise and encourage her appropriately. It is important to point that children don’t get everything they ask for because not everything they ask for is right for them. This is why children need adult protection. As a child, I did not get everything I asked for and I doubt if any child does. It is not everything that a child asks for is right for him or her. Children can’t make right choices, they need guidance.  The mother in question should be in better position to advice a child who brings up an issue of sex when not matured.

Although the celebrities and media are really guilty of early and premature sexualisation of children, the parents have very important roles to play. The parents should be available to provide a balanced view of sex to their children so that they can be able to make well-informed choices later in life.

It is true that children are prone to peer pressure and can be easily influenced as a result. Yes this may be true but it is a wrong excuse for parents to fail their children and allow them to fall victim of premature sexualisation. When the parents’ influences are properly and timely placed they will overcome any negative peer pressure on the children.

The consequences of premature sexuliasation and sex are really damaging the society. Unwanted pregnancies and unnecessary abortions are on the increase, an unhealthy trend for the society. Unwanted and neglected children also pose serious threat to the society.

Another damaging impact on early and premature sexualisation and sex on the society is  the increase in the number of children giving birth to children. Children who are not matured on their own are giving birth to children who at best are likely to receive half baked training. The decrease in morals, virtues and character building is evident. The great summer riots of 2011 summer is another example.

Sex is for not children, sex is for people who can handle and shoulder responsibilities. Sex is for the matured who can make life’s important decisions. Sex is for the matured who can face the many consequences of sex. Sex is not for children.

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