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Cheerios for the win!!

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Being as I'm the product of an interracial marriage (one still going strong after 43 years) this commercial makes me so happy. At some point in your childhood you compartmentalize and put away the fact that very rarely or never will you see a family like yours represented in commercials and advertisements. It's awesome to see this commercial, makes me just as happy as this recent Amazon commercial. From now on, it's Cheerios on order from Amazon, all day, every day. My version of this from 1982 below the video :-)


This is us (I'm the handsome guy rocking the courduroy blazer on the left. I love families of all flavors and combinations, and I was as excited to see this as when Eddie Griffin actually got to kiss his love interest (Anna Friel) in Irish Jam. Sometimes it's the B-Movies that have to break the mold!

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