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Ghana-Photos & Review of Juliet Ibrahim’s premier of ‘The Number One Fan’

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Her first produced movie, The Number One Fan was premiered at the National Theater, Accra, Ghana, Juliet Ibrahim was well supported by family, friends and fans. Juliet Ibrahim told me that AY the comedian was unavoidably absent because of a movie he is doing in America.
The movie witnessed so many new celebrities first role in the movie industry especially Big Brother former housemates Keita and Zainab. Also Selly was also in the movie even though she has done other few movies before. There was a little issue with Selly's immodest gown, she was so uncomfortable when seated for an interview and kept covering it.

Another new entrant into the industry was Juliet Ibrahim's sister. The movie was kind  of all about her. She was exceptional in her performance and never behaved as if it was her first role in a film. It also demonstrated that the Ibrahim family has got talent.

The movie did not start at the specified time of 5pm and 8pm respectively, and the turn out was not huge. I wonder why despite the low fees charged for tickets. Some pundits argue that the MTN hit maker which had Iyanya in town caused the divided attention. 

Some of the contestants of Miss Nigeria Ghana 2013 were there to assist as ushers, tall and well presentable damsels proved their love for Ghanaian new movie producer, singer, mother, and actress Juliet Ibrahim.

The film was shot in beautiful locations, a good camera equipment was used, smart crew. It was kind of difficult to grab the concept of the movie. It is not a typical Ghanaian movie. AY the comedian even though acting a strong role as a police detective but still he was able to infuse comedy into the complicated movie. The complication could be tagged as suspense, since most movies are predictable thus to prevent such traditional occurrence, confusion and a complex atmosphere was created.
The movie was also good in creating what seemed like real event, Sandra of Fashion 101, Ameyaw Debrah and others  all featured in the film during a red carpet scene.

Due to fatigue, I slept off, just like many people also slept off , and the mosquitoes in the national theater with their rude and imposing entertainment got really to me and others. The national theater management should fumigate that place, so that it does not become a theater for transmitting malaria to unsuspecting audience.

Generally, the movie premier of 'The Number One Fan' was successful, and Juliet Ibrahim has proven that she can equally add a dynamic touch to the movie industry of Ghana. Her associate Jackie Appiah came late to the event though and was about to enter the hall when the small crowd was about to come out, so she ran away to her car with her big body guard...just adding that gist.
 Kudos to all the team of Jewels production, I will recommend this movie to all African movie fans. 

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