About Glipho

After being unsuccessful at creating and maintaining a couple of blogs, we wanted to try and create something better. Why? We found ourselves spending too much time on design. We found it difficult to get our blogs out there and hard to gain an audience who would read us.

That is why we started working on Glipho.

Our goal has been really clear since the start: develop a platform where writers can focus only on the good things, such as writing and interacting with their readers and other writers. Sounds simple, right?

Thanks to the internet, everyone has the potential to be a writer publishing their thoughts. Glipho pushes that potential even further.

We are a publishing engine where the content is ranked and highlighted by our users. Come and read what you care about, from other writers just like yourself. Choose the topics and writers that appeal to you and then follow them.

This is the age of social media, and at Glipho, we have built our network to connect with all the other platforms that we love using: Facebook for personal lives, Twitter for communication with others, Linkedin for our professional relationships, Pinterest for collecting what we like, and Instagram to share amazing photos …

So where does Glipho fit in?

We want to be the network where you publish your words and express your views. The place which helps you take advantage of all the other networks to create better content, and where you can reach and interact with an even bigger audience.

Glipho’s concept is really easy, sign up and start writing straight away. Import your old content so it can be read for the first time again. Discover and be discovered by other users and the best thing of all, interact. Interact with the content, with your readers, with other writers, on Glipho, on Twitter …. everywhere.

We hope you enjoy using Glipho as much as we enjoy working on it, and the best thing of all is, our journey has just begun.

The Glipho Team.

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