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Cleaning Up After The Builders Made Easy

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After builders cleaningFrom media-cache-cd0.pinimg.comThe builders have gone and the premises are still in need of cleaning. You really should hire a professional team of cleaners to do the job for you, as they’ll be able to do all of the following:

1. Removal of paint stains

New wet paint stains can be absorbed by a kitchen cloth or roll, and then scrubbed with hot water and detergent, but when the paint has dried this calls for greater cleaning methods. Fully dried paint stains can be scraped off and residue removed with a paint stripper. Blow torches may be used carefully to help soften dried paint but cannot be used on tar surfaces as it may burn. Stone and concrete surfaces are one of the dirtiest after the builders. You can clean these areas by heating them, but prolonged application may cause shattering.

2. Removal of cement stains

Any excess cement can be removed by using a hammer and bolster to chisel away, but this has to be done very carefully to prevent marking the paving. Scrubbing with wire brushes will remove most of the material without causing any damage. For heavy staining, sand or grit blasting are both options to be considered. Chemical cement stain removers contain an acid that reacts with the material, causing it to break down and then be removed by scrubbing. Tests must be done before using as it can change the appearance of some types of paving.

3. Removal of oil stains

Oil stains are best treated quickly to remove them completely. Fresh stains can be soaked up with absorbent cloths and residues treated with absorbing agents can be scrubbed with detergents. Clean oil will soak into the paving and over time will disappear, but dirty oil can be very difficult to remove. Degreasing agents and cleaning fluids will be used after testing to ensure they’ll not damage the surface. It may be necessary to actually replace highly contaminated areas of paving if the stain proves impossible to get rid of.

Cleaning floors after the buildersFrom media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com4. Removal of dirt from tiles

Your tiles may have taken a battering with all the building work going on, so the build-up of dirt and grime needs to be removed without harming the surfaces. There are intensive treatments to dissolve and take away contaminants, and for stubborn marks there’s a solution to attack deep-seated stains which pulls the stain to the surface where it can then be removed. After builders cleaning London specialists suggests that deep dirt extraction methods may be used which concentrate on the grout lines and return it to its original colour.

5. Removal of dust from windows

Washing the windows expertly without damaging frames and sills will also be undertaken. Water-fed pole systems mean that no ladders need to be used. Purified water is often chosen to leave a streak-free finish. Sills and frames will have any paint and dust residues carefully removed, leaving the windows refreshed and gleaming.

Builders cleaning is a skilled job, so you’d be wise to invest in a reputable specialist company who’ll complete all the tasks for you with ease and efficiency.

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